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Hello Sexy 性感女郎

Hello Sexy 性感女郎


· 罩杯里料搭载石墨烯纤维
· 具有低温远红外功能
· 能迅速提升体表温度
· 能扩张胸部毛细血管
· 能促进胸部血液循环
· 能激活皮肤细胞
· 能加速代谢,提高免疫力,抗菌、除臭、抑菌,治疗乳腺增生,预防乳腺癌!
无钢圈 四排扣🌅 
颜色:黑色  粉色


Hello Sexy

  • Made from Graphene Fibre
  • Aid Cell Regeneration
  • Reduce Odour
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Relieve Breast Soreness
  • Enhance Skin Elasticity and prevent aging
  • Prevent Areola from getting darker
  • Prevent Breast Cancer
  • Thicker strap for increased support
  • Help gather excess bust tissue


Colour: Black, Pink

Size: 32-36A,32-38B


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